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Which Affect The Performance Of Light Touch Switch With Light

Aug 03, 2017

1. Light touch switch with light the function of the lamp is only to make indication, which is the additional function beyond the function of the switch itself. So with no light and the switch itself has no effect.

2, light touch switch performance of the main influential factors are shrapnel material, terminal material, shrapnel terminal surface treatment (silver, tin, etc.). In addition, the important size of the switch parts of the design also has a great impact, including switching service life, operation feel, conduction and disconnection stability.

Light touch switch with light series

Light touch switch with light main supporting areas are electronic control equipment, lifting equipment, heavy machine tools equipment, power electronics equipment, transportation vehicles, aerospace, ships, home appliances and so on.

Although some products have been replaced by other types of switches, but there are still some markets, it is a variety of specifications series switch varieties. The external type can be divided into large, medium, small and subminiature. The terminal can be divided into straight foot, bent foot, welding chip type, fast connection, etc. The knob handle can be divided into standard type, short cone type, cone type and so on. Installation can be divided into horizontal installation, vertical installation, threaded casing installation, card mouth installation. The current voltage of the product varies from 1a-30a to 10,000 to 50,000 times. Special requirements can be designed and produced according to customer requirements. Products in line with lead-free and RoHS directive requirements.