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What Is The X-ray Collimator ?

Jun 23, 2019

X-ray collimator is an optical element used for input and output in optical fiber communication devices. Its function is to couple the maximum efficiency of light into the required devices or to accept the maximum efficiency of optical signals as easily as possible. It is a radiation head component of medical accelerator. In addition to the primary and secondary collimators, an electron beam limiter is equipped below the radiation head. Its main function is to limit the range of electron radiation, so as to protect normal tissues and vital organs outside the target area from radiation.


Material Advantage

The material is mainly made of tungsten alloy. Researchers have confirmed that the shielding ability of metal materials is related to the density of the material itself. The higher the density, the greater the shielding ability to radiation. As tungsten alloy is a high density material, it has a good shielding radiation effect and can protect vital organs from damage. And tungsten alloy material is environmental protection material, which is much less harmful than lead.