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What Is The Cathode Ray Tube ?

Nov 04, 2018

The cathode ray tube is a cathode ray tube that can reduce the power consumption of cathode heaters. Among them, the bypass cathode structure has a metal substrate with a thermal electron emission material layer; At one end, there is a tubular sleeve that holds the base metal, and inside it is also provided with a tube sleeve that holds the free electrons of the heater; The main part of the heater has a larger diameter, and the diameter of the heater's leg is smaller, and it is also an alien support body that supports the sleeve.

The cathode ray tube is an electron beam tube that converts electrical signals into optical images. The familiar TV tube is such an electron beam tube. It is mainly composed of an electronic gun, a deflection system, a tube shell and a fluorescent screen.

The cathode ray tube can provide a bunch of electrons gathered on the screen to form a light point slightly less than 1 mm in diameter. Adding a magnetic field or electric field near the electron beam will deflect the electron beam, showing an electrostatic field generated by the potential difference, or a magnetic field generated by the current.

A cathode ray tube is characterized by a vacuum tube shell consisting of the following: a panel part with a fluorescent surface coated with a fluorescent body on the inner surface; The tube neck part contains an electron gun with an electron beam generation part with a para-thermal cathode Isomer and a control electrode and an acceleration electrode, and a main lens part consisting of a focusing electrode and an anode electrode that focuses and accelerates the electron beam; And the pyramidal portion, connected to the panel portion and the tube neck portion, where the para-thermal cathode Isomer mentioned above has a basal metal with a thermally emitted material layer; Keep base metal on one end and hold heater tube inside; The heater has a large diameter part on the main part of the heater, a small diameter part on the side of the heater's leg, and an alien support body supporting the sleeve; And a cathode plate with a large diameter on one side of the heater's leg, a small diameter on the main side of the heater, and fixing the outer side of the other end of the sleeve and the small diameter inner side of the support body. The outer surface of the large diameter portion of the support body and the inner surface of the small diameter portion of the cathode plate mentioned above shall be fixed.


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