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The Role Of The Components Of The X Ray Tube

Dec 22, 2017

A vacuum electronic device that uses high speed electrons to strike a metal target to produce X - ray. It is also called X light tube. It is divided into two types: inflatable tube and vacuum tube. In 1895, W.K. roentgen found the X ray when he carried out the Crookes tube experiment. The Crookes tube is the earliest inflated X - ray tube, which has little power, short life and difficult control, and has been rarely used. In 1913, W.D. invented the X ray tube vacuum coolidge. The vacuum in the tube is not less than 10-4 PPA. The cathode is a direct heat spiral tungsten wire, and the anode is a metal target inlaid on the end of copper block. The electrons emitted by the cathode are accelerated by tens of thousands of volts of high pressure to impact the target surface to produce X rays. After many improvements, it is still in use. A X ray tube equipped with a control gate between the anode target surface and the cathode has been applied in modern times. Pulse modulation is applied on the control grid to control the output of the X ray and to adjust the time repeated exposure. X - ray tube is used in medical diagnosis, treatment, nondestructive testing of parts, material structure analysis, spectral analysis, scientific research and so on. X rays are harmful to the human body, and protective measures must be taken when they are used.

X ray tube

In a word, it consists of four parts:

1. the cathode that produces electrons is generally a spiral shaped tungsten wire, which can emit electrons after heating.

2. anode target, which is used to absorb cathodic electrons, through the impact of these high-speed electrons, to produce X rays (the principle of the generation of X - rays - should you know? " The impact will produce a large amount of heat (the main form of energy consumption), so the target needs water cooling.

3. cathode is a focus on the electron, making the focus spot on the target, and the X rays are emitted from the focus spot.

4. X - ray tube, which is vacuum, is usually made of glass or metal. The window is sealed with cymbals.

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