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The Investment Of Fixed Assets In Switchgear Industry Is Promising

Aug 03, 2017

Medium-voltage switch in the first half of the performance bright, the second half may appear differentiated. Transmission and transformation of the electricity plate, switching industry relative to the transformer industry performance, especially in the medium voltage switch industry, is the first half of the power equipment plate a beautiful landscape. But the second half of the medium-voltage switch may be differentiated, mainly due to China's medium-voltage switch in the national economy in a large number of areas, the decline in economic situation and investment in fixed assets will be in the second half of the structure of some customers with industrial and mining enterprises and municipal engineering companies to bring greater performance impact

The second half of the medium Voltage switch subdivision area still has a structural opportunity. First of all, China's distribution network construction has just begun to accelerate, with the power grid as the main customers of the medium-voltage switching enterprises will be the priority benefits. Second, from the 2011 medium-voltage Switch investment data,-investment accounted for a larger share, China's-market penetration rate of less than 10, and foreign developed countries more than 50 of the penetration rate, the gap is huge, with the increase in domestic-recognition,-will usher in a rapid development period.