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Structure Of The Laser Collimator

Feb 02, 2018

(1) The structure of the laser collimator should be consistent with the standard of optical alignment tools commonly used. And the translation accuracy of the collimated beam and the center of the mechanical axis should be less than 0.02 mm and the angular accuracy within 1 second. The laser beam should have good long-term stability and be able to withstand shocks and vibrations in normal plants. Short-term stability requires that the beam position drift should be less than 1 second per hour after heating.

(2) The laser tube should have a good seal to prevent the impact of dust, oil droplets and so on.

(3) The laser should be stable in a single transverse mode TEM oscillation, and the light intensity should have a smooth intensity distribution. The use of spatial filters is necessary.

(4) The laser output power should be as low as possible in order to reduce instability and safe use due to thermal effects. Laser power is about a milliwatt.

(5) In order to eliminate the influence of stray light, interference filter must be used.

(6) laser tube replacement easy.

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