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Lead Glass

Aug 28, 2017

The composition of lead-Glass is: Rmon-pbo-sio2 ($literal). The SiO2 ($literal), that is, silica (boron oxide), called the Network Formation, is the basic unit of the structure of glass network. Rmon, a metal oxide representing alkali, alkaline and rare earth metals, is a network modifier that changes the structure of the glass network and achieves the adjustment characteristics. PBO, or lead oxide, is a characteristic component, which gives the basic properties of glass. With the increase of PBO content, the density of glass, the index values of refractive index, dispersion, dielectric constant, X-ray and γ-ray absorption coefficient are increased, and the values of hardness, high temperature viscosity, softening temperature and chemical stability are decreased. The glass forming material is longer, the coloring agent is bright, the surface luster is increased and the sound of tapping is crisp.