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Lead Glass

Feb 09, 2018

Lead glass is the use of advanced production technology means, the material selection of high content of GH lead metal processing. ZF2 series lead glass lead equivalent (0.22 lead equivalent per millimeter) characteristics, with strong anti-radiation ability. It can effectively block the X-ray, Y-ray, cobalt 60-ray and isotope scanning and so on, is to protect the health of medical workers must share. The company is located in:

Lead glass is a network formed of lead oxide, silicon oxide, and boron oxide. Currently widely used in areas such as ray protection, then how do we use the eyes to identify a piece of lead glass is good or bad? The company is located in:

1, the appearance of inspection, no bubbles, condensate;

2, the color is basically transparent, no black impurities, x-ray room with a few lead equivalent lead glass, uniform color uniformity;

3, the cutting surface is smooth, flat, no residual edges and corners, debris.