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Introduction To Terminology Related To X Ray Tubes

Aug 31, 2018

X-ray tube is the core part of X-ray production, is a vacuum electron tube, which contains an anode, cathode, glass or ceramic shell and so on. The X-ray tube is usually immersed in insulated oil or SF6 gas because of the high voltage on the X-ray tube during operation.

The X-ray tube assembly is a component that combines the X-ray tube with some peripheral parts. The peripheral parts usually have a lead cylinder shielded by radiation. If the rotating anode is used, there will also be stator of rotating anode, high voltage cable interface, insulating oil, and preventing excessive pressure expansion due to temperature changes. Device, sealed metal case, etc. The shell of the X - ray tube assembly is zero potential.

The X-ray source, equipped with a high-voltage power supply and related controllers for the X-ray tube assembly, is the X-ray source assembly. External control interface and power supply can only be used to produce X rays. Of course, there are also some X-ray sources are X-ray tubes, high-voltage circuits, insulation and shielding, control circuits and other integrated equipment, known as MONOBLOCK. It is small in volume, relatively convenient in use and transportation, but small in power. It is common in the field of security inspection. High-power X-ray devices commonly used in medicine and industry are usually separated, consisting of X-ray tube components and power controllers.

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