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How To Place X Ray Tubes

Aug 31, 2018

1.x - ray tubes should be stored in a dry and dry place. It is recommended to be placed in a drying box (with moisture absorbent).

Installation of 2.x ray tubes should avoid wet weather.

3. Before installing the high-voltage cable into the X-ray tube, blow the high-voltage cable head with a hair dryer, smear the high-voltage silicone grease, remove the X-ray tube from the drying box, smear the high-voltage silicone grease on the cable seat of the X-ray tube, and insert the cable head immediately.

4. After a long shutdown time, the X-ray tube can be used to heat itself and dehumidify. Firstly, the lower tube voltage (30kV) and the larger tube current (0.5-0.6mA) are used for half an hour, and then the tube voltage is gradually increased.

5. Customers with long rainy season and high environmental humidity should install dehumidifiers indoors to ensure that the relative humidity of the air is less than 70%.

6. In particularly humid weather, such as high temperature, high humidity sauna weather, starting the use of X-ray tube and high-voltage cable easily damaged, should stop using.

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