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Fault Analysis Of X-ray Tube

Nov 27, 2017

Failure one: rotor failure of rotating anode

(1) Phenomenon

The ① circuit is normal, but the rotational speed is reduced obviously, the static turn time is short, the anode does not rotate when exposure, the ② is exposed, the tube current increases, the power fuse fuses, and the anode target surface is melted at some point.

(2) Analysis

Long-term work results in bearing wear and tear deformation and clearance changes, solid lubricant molecular structure will also change.

Failure II: X-ray tube anode target damage

(1) Phenomenon

The output of ①x rays decreased significantly, X-ray film sensitivity is insufficient; ② because the anode metal is evaporated by high temperature, the glass wall is coated with a thin metal layer; ③ through the magnifying glass, visible target surface cracking, crack and melting, and so on; ④ the metal tungsten that splashed when the focus is seriously melted may cause damage to the X-ray tube

(2) Analysis

① is used for overload. There are two possible: one is overload protection circuit failure to make a exposure overload; the other is repeated exposure, resulting in cumulative overload and melting evaporation; ② rotating anode X-ray tube rotor card dead or start protection circuit failure, in the anode does not rotate or low speed exposure, resulting in the anode target instant melting evaporation; ③ heat dissipation. such as the radiator and anode copper contact is not close enough or excessive grease.

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