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Factors Affecting The Life Of X Ray Tubes And Their Maintenance Methods

Aug 31, 2018

1. temperature factors

Temperature is an important factor affecting the lifetime of X ray tubes. X ray tube will generate a lot of heat when used. In order to make the product work stably, the anode should be cooled by a cooling device to ensure that the anode temperature does not exceed 55 C, and air cooling can be used if necessary. Customers are advised to use temperature sensors to control the temperature.

2. environmental factors

The ambient temperature is 5-30 degrees, and the relative humidity of air is less than 80%.

3. custody and storage

The storage environment of products should be clean, dry and free of corrosive gases. Attention should be paid to protecting beryllium windows. Acid or wet environment will damage beryllium windows and can not be repaired. X fluorescent analysis tube is fragile for glass and must be lightly taken lightly.

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