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Factors Affecting The Life Of X-ray Tube And Maintenance Methods

Nov 27, 2017

Temperature factor

Temperature is an important factor affecting the life of X-ray tube. X-ray tubes produce a lot of heat during use. In order to stabilize the product, the anode should add the radiator to ensure that the anode temperature is no more than 55 ℃, and the air-cooled cooling can be used when necessary. Customers are advised to use temperature sensors to control temperature.

Environmental factors

Ambient temperature 5-30 ℃, air relative humidity is less than 80%.

Custody and storage

Product storage environment should be clean and dry, non-corrosive gas. Pay attention to protect the Beryllium window, prevent touch. The acidic or humid environment destroys the beryllium window and cannot be repaired. X-ray tube for glass fragile products must be thrashed.

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