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Examination And Precautions Of Medical X-ray Tube

Nov 27, 2017

1 Appearance inspection first check the outer packaging, see if there is damage and defects, and then check the inside of the tube wall is normal phenomenon.

1.1 Check the glass tube wall has no bubbles, waterline, scratches, cracks and abnormal color. X-ray tube requires that the diameter of the bubble is less than 1mm, that there is no watermark, that the scratch depth should not be felt by the nails;

1.2 Check the cathode wiring, filament, rust marks, dirt, structure and so on. The cathode wiring is required to be correct, the filament position is right, the ambient color is not abnormal, the power can be bright, the cathode has no rust marks and dirt;

1.3 Check the cathode position is correct, see smoothness, target color, rust marks, dirt and so on. The anode position is correct, the anode surface is smooth and without tip, and the target surface is smooth and no crack; rotating anode, speed should meet the specified standards, bearing friction should not be hoarse sound, the target angle should be correct, the anode body should not rust and dirt.

1.4 The examination of the filament: check the structure of the filament is defective, see if the filament is bent, whether and the set of short circuit, and so on. It is required that the filament structure is free of defects, without bending, and the filament heating test should be done before strong X-ray test. In the test, the battery is usually supplied, or the low-voltage AC power is used. During the test, the heating voltage and current should not be too high, if the X-ray tube has a serious leakage, the filament will burn immediately.

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