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Development Trend Of Switching Power Supply

Aug 03, 2017

The development direction of switching power supply is high frequency, high reliability, low consumption, lower noise, anti-jamming and modularization. Because the switching power supply light, small, thin key technology is high-frequency, so the foreign major switching power supply manufacturers are committed to the development of new high intelligent components, especially the improvement of two times rectifier device loss, and in the Power Ferrite (MN? ZN) materials to increase scientific and technological innovation to improve the high frequency and greater flux density (BS) to obtain high magnetic properties, and the miniaturization of capacitors is a key technology. The application of SMT technology makes the switching power supply make great progress, and the components are arranged on both sides of the circuit board to ensure the light, small and thin of the switching power supply.

The high frequency of switching power supply is necessary to innovate the traditional PWM switch technology, realizing Zvs and ZCS soft switching technology has become the mainstream technology of switching power supply, and greatly improved the efficiency of switching power supply. For high reliability indicators, the U.S. switching power supply manufacturers by reducing the operating current, reduce the temperature and other measures to reduce the device stress, so that the reliability of the product greatly improved.