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Development Of Lead-glass

Aug 28, 2017

China has lead-glass products in the Warring States period. In the latter half of the 17th century, the United Kingdom produced lead-crystal glassware. Later widely used in the manufacture of optical instruments, art vessels and so on.

Lead Glass in medical field also known as Medical X-ray radiation-proof lead glass, lead glass is mainly divided into domestic lead glass and imported lead glass, mainly used in the diagnostic X-ray room, CT, ect, PET, Ct-pet and other computer room and X-ray photographic protection room, protective door protective screen on the observation window, as well as nuclear medicine Operation Protective screen. The required thickness can be determined according to the calculation.

Lead Glass is mainly used in the thickness of 5mm, 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, the main production base is mainly concentrated in north and central China, there are three main production bases in China.

"2014-2018 China high Lead Glass industry market outlook and Investment Planning Analysis report" on the market environment of high lead glass products, production and management, supply and demand channels, enterprise competition, market price impact, product import and export, industry investment environment and sustainable development, and so on, detailed and systematic analysis and prediction. On the basis of this, the paper makes a qualitative and quantitative analysis and forecast on the trend of industry development. It provides authoritative, sufficient and reliable decision-making basis for enterprise to formulate development strategy, make investment decision and manage enterprise management.